Weíre sending you this short note to let you know we will not be sending out a Christmas letter this year because nothing happened in 2017. It was just peace and quiet. Never any problems, never any trouble.

Okay, we did go to Seattle to celebrate Margieís dadís 90th birthday. That was pretty cool. And he did have every one of his 23 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with him, but that was about it. And he did get a birthday card from the Pope and have three separate parties. That was it though.

Oh yeah, Alex and David both graduated from college this year, Alex with his masterís in civil engineering and David with his bachelorís in environmental design and fine art. They graduated the same day. A thousand miles apart. We thought we would split the difference and go 500 miles to Parowan, Utah, and see if we could sort of see both. The curvature of the Earth messed that up, so we each took one graduation. Maybe they could repeat them, and we could switch off. HmmÖ Anyway, that was pretty much it.

Did we mention that Alex passed the Professional Engineer exam in November? Heís designing water treatment facilities. We thought he was going to school to be a train engineer, but water engineer seems like a pretty good idea too. Heís working lots and doesnít have time to do anything else. Except he and his girlfriend, Alise, traveled to Florida to visit her family for two weeks. That was it though.

Oh, and David is doing an architecture internship at a company in San Antonio, Texas. He often works in excess of 80 hours a week and has had a finance person on one side of him saying he has to go home for the day while his project manager is on the other side saying they need him to stay. Whatís an intern to do? With those hours, he doesnít get much time to do anything else, so thatís about it.

Margie is lamenting that Barry rarely has dinner ready when she gets home from work. It was ready hours earlier, but itís all put away by the time she gets home. She would like to caution people against letting their children grow up to be accountants. Thatís pretty much it.

Barry has added doing workshops at Cal State Dominguez Hills University for Chinese government officials to his plate. He thinks itís going pretty well, but his lack of Chinese vocabulary makes that just a guess. At the end of each presentation, he gets a sendoff from the translator: ďYou should go now. Go!Ē Heís still doing stand-up comedy. Heís still teaching at USC and doing a bunch of consulting stuff. Other than that, heís not doing anything.

Oh yeah, Barry and Margie took a week off at the cabin Halloween week. There was a voltage sag that sent the appliances into a tailspin and had the clock radio smoking. On Halloween, Barry gashed his head on a low beam and needed seven staples in his head. Margie thought it was perfect for a costume. It was a quiet week otherwise.

Maybe we should note the family gathered at Davidís place in San Antonio for Thanksgiving. It was good fun and involved several days of feasting at his house and going out for much Mexican food and BBQ. We even had the boysí godparents, Bob and Martha drive from Dallas to join us. Other than having a blast for a week, not much happened.

So as you can see, we didnít really have anything to write about this year, so we will be skipping the annual Christmas letter. We will try again next year. Until then, seasonís greetings to one and all!

The Waite Family

Alex receiving his masterís degree in civil engineering poses with his proud pa.  May 10, 2017


David receiving his bachelorís degrees in environmental design and fine art poses with his proud ma. May 10, 2017


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