Fall 2012 Projects

Mapping the Western Snowy Plover – BarreroWhy is Koreatown a Nice Place to Live? – BermanCreating a Pavement Management System Using GIS – Castruita
Higher Income Households Enjoy Close Proximity to Green Open Spaces: A Case
Study of City of Los Angeles – Chan
Movie Theaters & Redbox Kiosks v. Income in LA County – ChenLittle Tokyo Business Type and Location – Enzminger
Socioeconomic Change Along the Red Line Shifting Demographic Patterns From 1990 Through 2010 – JorgensenFinal Project-PPD 631 – LeePPD 631 GIS Project – Li
Santa Monica Bike-Share Station Locations
Research and Recommendations – Mao
Heritage Square – Origins and Significance – PenaGIS as Tools to Analyze the Orange Line BRT Stations in Relation with Surrounding
Neighborhood and Bus Feeder System – Shabrina
Using GIS to Identify the Potential of
Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
in City of Santa Monica – Tan
USC Civic Engagement: Educational Attainment in the Community – UngThe Relationship Between New Housing
Developments and Crime Locations
Los Angeles County – Vo
GIS-Based Potential Site Suitability Analysis – Locating Future Store for Whole Foods Market in City of Santa Monica – Wang (Yue)Is It Safer Than Before?
An analysis of Neighborhood Around UPC, Based on Demographical Data and Student Housing
Rents – Wang (Zhan)
Children in Risk: Potential Highway-Related Health Risks and Its Socioeconomic and Ethnic Disparities in
Los Angeles County – Xu (Cheryl)
Examining the Accessibility of Active Los Angeles Civic Art Projects from a GIS Perspective – Xu (Mandy)Market-Rate Housing Development in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles and
Its Ramifications on Local Demographics – Zhang
Site selection for Starbucks by using GIS – Zhou
Research on Retail Properties and Investment Opportunities – Zhu