Fall 2015 Projects

Implications for Solar Energy Expansion – NguyenComparing Old and New Response Time Standards for the Encinitas Fire Department – StratakisAn Analysis of Factors that Influence Suicide – Zhao
Current and Proposed Vanpool Routes for UCLA Employees – PelayoAnalyzing Access to Emergency Services Within Vulnerable Communities – CorralSyrian Refugee Placement – Berrios
The Demographics of LDS Meetinghouses in Los Angeles County – HawesPPD 631 Final Project – TruongLimited Access to Driver’s License Offices and Voter ID in Alabama:
A GIS Analysis – Hubbard
Bicycle Infrastructure in L.A.: Where is it? Who uses it? And where is it needed? – BezansonThe Socioeconomic Placement of Hospitals within Major Metropolitan Areas in Texas – ZubiateStarbucks Site Selection Analysis Based on
GIS Method – Dai
Analyzing the Association of Low-Income States and Obesity – OrtegaAn Energy Efficiency Analysis – ParkCalifornia Emergency Conservation Regulation Evaluation with GIS – Hai
Analysis on Site Selection of Farmers’ Market in City of Los Angeles – HuDoes the New Chinese Neighborhood Provide Efficient Public Facilities to Meet the
Residents’ Requirement? – Shu
Impact of Chinese Immigrants in San Gabriel City – Ge
Relationship Between Schools Distribution and Demographics in
LAUSD – Zhang