Spring 2013 Projects

Commuting by Public Transportation Trends in Los Angeles County, 2000 – 2010 – AmissahA Descriptive Analysis of Farmers’ Market Neighborhoods and Who They Serve – BilowRidership and Residential Density within the Gold Line Stations – Chan
Correlation of Parks with Obesity Rates in Los Angeles – ChoWhen, Not If, The ‘Big One’ Rocks The City Of Angels:
An Analysis of the Potential Effects of a Catastrophic Earthquake in the City Of Los Angeles – Cotton
Using GIS to Visualize Health Disparities: HIV Rates and Abstinence-Only Sexuality Education – Elliott
Using GIS to Understand the USC University Park Campus Historic District – HencierGIS-Based Analysis of the Commuting Behavior and the
Relationship between Commuting and Urban Form – Hu
JLLA & Its Services:
Are They Where They Need to Be? – Hunter
GIS Analysis: Demographic Baseline Study
for Los Angeles County Metropolitan
Transportation Authority (Metro) – Markovitz
Gold Line Eastside Extension Phase 2:
Identifying Disadvantaged Populations Around Light Rail Alignment Alternatives – Montana
The Increase of Burglary in the City of Santa Clarita 2011-2012 – Papazian
Obesity, Car Accidents, Parks, and Transportation:
A Web of Health Impacts – Preciado
Where to Build in East LA?
Affordable Housing Opportunities along the Gold Line Phase Two Extension – Sanchez-Lopez
Los Angeles County Transit Access – Stephenson
Hollywood Boulevard Liquor Licenses – Wall