Spring 2016 Projects

Potential Impact of the USACE Los Angeles River
Revitalization Plan – Alvarado
Proposition D – Medical Marijuana
Regulation and Taxation
Implementation in Los Angeles – Carcel
Groundwater Pollution from Oil/Gas Wells and Pesticide Use in Kern County – Chan
Housing Affordability in Los Angeles – ChungLAUSD Science Scores and Vegetation – De LariosAnalysis for Improvement of the Public library’s Program – Kim
Demographic Analysis of the
City of Pico Rivera – Lan
Where should the City of Los Angeles Set Up
a Business Supporting Center for Home-Based Workers? – Lee
Analysis on the Selection of the Site
for Social Service in the LA City – Lee
A Point-Based Methodology for Integrity Analysis of Historic Districts – LockeLIHTC-funded Projects in Los Angeles:
Are They Concentrated in High-Poverty Census Tracts? – McNaughton
Measuring the Effectiveness of
Needle Exchange Programs in
Los Angeles County – Mulqueen
Income Levels Near Los Angeles Metro Rail Stations:
An Analysis Using ArcMap Tools – Nguyen
Los Angeles County High School Achievement – OrtizSite Suggestions for New Police Stations – Park
Land Use Zoning and Crime
Relationship: Unincorporated
Area within Los Angeles
County – Zavala
Los Angeles County’s Foreign Born of Residents and Violent Crime and Income Levels – SimsComparing Fire Station Locations in City of Fresno and City of Los Angeles – Sun
Preliminary Analysis
On Long Beach Economic Development Plan – Wang
GIS Project _San Pedro Bay Area Quality Analysis – Yao