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Barry Waite, MPA

Barry currently holds, and has held, numerous civic positions in addition to running his own consulting firm in the fields of economic development, land use planning, and geographic information systems. For over 30 years, Barry has been in public service for Los Angeles County and the City of Carson as an administrator, city planner, geographer and economic development manager. He received bachelor’s degrees from USC in 1984 and a master’s degree from USC, in public administration, in 1986. Barry also earned his Geographic Information Systems Certificate from Cal State University Long Beach in 1998. Click the buttons below to learn more about Barry’s various professional involvements!

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Barry’s Publications

Barry’s Other Professional Involvements

  • Author of numerous articles and co-author of a book on technology in government
  • Member Municipal Management Association of Southern California since 1988
  • Member of the California Association for Local Economic Development since 2007
  • Founding board member (1991) of the 1010 Development Corporation
    • “1010 is a builder and operator of affordable housing with day care and community facilities in Downtown Los Angeles. We have a senior housing complex completed, a family housing complex completed and two other projects under construction. 1010 started as an outreach project of the First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles, one of the oldest churches in Los Angeles. The organization works with other agencies, particularly the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the city of Los Angeles, to meet the huge need for affordable housing in Downtown Los Angeles. I serve as chair of the personnel committee of the board of directors.” – Barry

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