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Barry Waite

Barry is a South Bay local involved in a myriad of organizations, extracurricular activities and hobbies all whilst making time for the important people at home! Check out some of his interests and his family life below!

Family Life

Family Fun Facts

  • Married to Margie since 1990 (she is clearly a very patient person)
  • Sons Alex and David (who are now much older than in this photo; Lomita Rail Road)
  • Lomita resident since 1992, South Bay resident since 1988
  • Producer (with my wife) of five murder-mystery plays – lots of work, lots of fun
  • Barbershop singer – South Bay Coastliners
  • Member of First United Methodist Church of Torrance


Community Involvement

  • Supporter of the Lomita Railroad Museum
    • My wife and I have been financial supporters of our local museum for years. As I have said elsewhere, the museum is a gem in our community that holds great promise for the future. The water tower looks great, and the new park area is great place for us to play. We look forward to seeing a major expansion in the next few years. – Barry
  • Life member of the South Coast Botanical Garden Foundation
    • “As a child, my family and I used to go to the LA County Arboretum often. I marveled at huge trees, the pond, Lucky Baldwin’s house and Tarzan’s boat house from the movies (long since gone). When I moved to the South Bay, I was delighted to find the South Coast Botanical Gardens in my own neighborhood. My wife and I joined the foundation as life members soon after we married, and we have spent many a fine day at the gardens. In the fifteen years we have been members, we have seen tremendous improvements in the gardens. If you have not visited, it is well worth your time.” – Barry
  • Torrance-South Bay YMCA parent-child program leader and volunteer since 1999
    • “My sons and I have been very active in our local YMCA. Through the Indian Guides, Trailblazer and now Pathfinder programs, we have met a lot of great people and had some parent-child bonding times that have been very important to our family. We were part of the Comanche tribe, teaching the children (and ourselves) about our Native American history. The Comanche language is listed as one of the most endangered in the world. Sadly, the program has lost its Native American roots and become the Adventure Guides. It was my privilege to serve as chief of our group.” – Barry
    • “After Indian Guides, we moved to the next age group, Trailblazers, for 3-6 graders. I served as president of our club, the Rangers. Again, a great experience for our family. This year, both my sons have moved up to Pathfinders. We look forward to more great times together in the program. If you have a son or daughter from age four through high school, the YMCA offers some super programs that are fun for everyone, a chance to meet great people,  and have some good adventures without even spending much money.” – Barry

Leisure Activities

Christmas Letters

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There is no career ladder to climb.”

Dr. Robert P. Biller, 2009