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Below you will find Professor Waite’s Trojan course materials and external links to student resources and pages!

PPD 631 – GIS for Policy, Planning, and Development

Virtual Classroom, USC, LA Campus

Live Session: Fridays (Day 3) at 0900-1150 TT

Course Materials

Course SyllabusTips and Tricks
Tech SupportAssignments
ArcGIS.comESRI News For State and Local Governments Newsletter

Lectures and Presentations

Slideshows & Weekly Videos

(Note: tutorials are listed in book order and will not be presented in this order)

GIS Tutorial 1 – Basic Workbook 
(and Ch. 1)
(Ch. 1)
Map Design 
(Ch. 2)
Basic Mapping
(Ch. 2)
GIS Projection 
(Ch. 3)
(Ch. 3)
(Ch. 4 & 5)
How to do Excel import for Chapter 4 with Office 365

How to download Census Bureau data

(Ch. 4 & 5)
Map Types 
(Ch. 6 & 9)
Map Types
(Ch. 6 & 9)
Working with Data Tables 
(Ch. 7)
Editing Data
(Ch. 7)
Address Mapping 
(Ch. 8)
(Ch. 8)
GPS Point Mapping 
(Ch. 10)
GPS Mapping
(Ch. 10)
(Ch. 11)
Editing Data
(Ch. 11)
Attribute & Location Queries 
(Ch. 12 & 13)
(Ch. 12 & 13)
Using Geoprocessing Tools 
(Ch. 14)
(Ch. 14)
Creating Geodatabases & Aerial Photography 
(Ch. 15 & 17)
Geodatabases and Aerial Photography
(Ch. 15 & 17)
Joining Boundaries 
(Ch. 16)
Spatial Joins
(Ch. 16)
Creating Reports 
(Ch. 18)
Reports and Graphs
(Ch. 18)
Sharing Work & Publishing Maps 
(Ch. 19 & 20)
Sharing and Publishing Maps
(Ch. 20)
Project Examples

Student Presentation: Liana Elliot
Conversation with Mike Jenkins

Conversation with Mike McDaniel (Ranchos)

Pavement Management
Other Presentations
Pavement Management
 Extra stuff
Public SafetyJenny Gough’s presentation on public works & aerial photography
Jonathon’s cartography presentationElection presentation
Nick’s LA County Regional Planning presentation

Data and Resource Links

Data Sources
Simply Analytics
(create a new account using your USC email) and instructions
Instructions for getting data from ArcGIS OnlineNotes for Batch Geocoding Service
Getting Census Data InstructionsLA County GIS Data PortalMapping LA (from the LA Times – includes neighborhoods)
LA City Street DataLA County street data (Caution – 37 MB!)California Zip Codes
LA City Zip CodesCities of LA CountyAir Resources Board data
Earthworks (Stanford data portal to many datasets) (Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access)
Cal-AtlasFederal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)NationMaster – World Statistics, Country Comparisons
USGS National Mapping InformationGIS – Stack ExchangeGIS Data Depot (State of California data portal)
2000 Census TIGER Line data through ESRI:
(Does not come with a projection file)
USGS aerial imagery, DEMs, etc. (the National Map)LA County Assessor
SCAG Data and GIS Resource LinkHistoric AerialsUCSB Aerial Photography Library
Understanding Esri creditsHow to download Census shapefilesEsri’s Maps We Love
GIS resources listHarvard GIS resources (including cartography, data and analysisPrioritizing background
Setting GIS prioritiesEnhance shapefile creator toolLink to other USGS maps & aerial photos (not data)
Getting street data from StreetMap USA (Word document)CommunityViz software
Other GIS Links
ESRI Tapestry dataDavid Rumsey Historical Map CollectionESRI Virtual Campus- Home Page
FGDC data security–Your One Stop GIS Shop!Historic World Maps –
Historical Map Web SitesLibrary of Congress Map Collections Home PageMap Projections Poster and Esri’s map projections story map
NASA’s Visible Earth“Lost” mapThe Mercator fallacy
The political map we keep seeing
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Spring 2013Fall 2012

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