2022 California Ballot Review

This is my take on the current measures. You are free to differ in your opinions. As always, I reserve the right to be wrong.


Vote ​​YES​​ or ​​NO

​CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM. LEGISLATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT.​​ Amends California Constitution to expressly include an individual’s fundamental right to reproductive freedom, which includes the fundamental right to choose to have an abortion and the fundamental right to choose or refuse contraceptives. This amendment does not narrow or limit the existing rights to privacy and equal protection under the California Constitution. ​

It would be great if no one ever needed an abortion. It would be great if birth control always worked, couples stayed together, women didn’t have complications in pregnancy and there were no birth defects. Unfortunately, we don’t have any of that, and women sometimes need to choose to have an abortion. Due to the Supreme Court’s recent decision, this measure is necessary to preserve her right to choose.
Recommendation – YES​


Vote ​​YES​​ or ​​NO​

​ALLOWS IN-PERSON ROULETTE, DICE GAMES, SPORTS WAGERING ON TRIBAL LANDS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND STATUTE.​​ Also allows: sports wagering at certain horseracing tracks; private lawsuits to enforce certain gambling laws. Directs revenues to General Fund, problem-gambling programs, enforcement.

Disclaimer: I’m not a fan of gambling. Allowing gambling on sports is a terrible idea for sports and gamblers alike. The fact that the measure includes funds for problem gamblers shows even the backers admit it’s a problem. For sports, the question won’t be who you really want to win and instead where you placed your bet. All that money would surely bring corruption. It always does.
Recommendation – NO


Vote ​​YES​​ or ​​NO​

ALLOWS ONLINE AND MOBILE SPORTS WAGERING OUTSIDE TRIBAL LANDS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND STATUTE.​​ Allows Indian tribes and affiliated businesses to operate online/​mobile sports wagering outside tribal lands. Directs revenues to regulatory costs, homelessness programs, nonparticipating tribes.​

Take all my arguments from Measure 26 and double them for 27. It adds allowing online gambling. No good would come from that. The measure provides money to address homelessness, which is great for all the people who will gamble away their money and become homeless. Worse yet, the measure specifies which companies can control that betting, and they are the sponsors of the measure. Polls show it will be defeated soundly, which is reassuring.
Recommendation – NO


Vote ​​YES​​ or ​​NO

PROVIDES ADDITIONAL FUNDING FOR ARTS AND MUSIC EDUCATION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. INITIATIVE STATUTE.​​ Provides additional funding from state General Fund for arts and music education in all K-12 public schools (including charter schools). 

Funding for the arts is always the first thing cut, which is foolish. The arts are a great opportunity for kids to grow, and when they are involved in the arts, they are far less likely to drop out. This is using existing money and requires to additional taxes.
Recommendation – YES


Vote ​​YES​​ or ​​NO​​

REQUIRES ON-SITE LICENSED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL AT KIDNEY DIALYSIS CLINICS AND ESTABLISHES OTHER STATE REQUIREMENTS. INITIATIVE STATUTE.​​ Requires physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant on site during treatment. Requires clinics to: disclose physicians’ ownership interests; report infection data. ​​

Feel like you’ve seen this one before? You have! It is being pushed by a union in an attempt to unionize dialysis centers, and that is not going to work this time either. If those workers want to organize, I support them. The ballot box is not the place to make that happen.
Recommendation – NO


Vote ​​YES​​ or ​​NO​

PROVIDES FUNDING FOR PROGRAMS TO REDUCE AIR POLLUTION AND PREVENT WILDFIRES BY INCREASING TAX ON PERSONAL INCOME OVER $2 MILLION. INITIATIVE STATUTE.​​ Allocates tax revenues to zero-emission vehicle purchase incentives, vehicle charging stations, and wildfire prevention.

Lyft, the ridesharing service, sponsored this measure so that they wouldn’t have to pay for buying electric vehicles. Everything else in it is just lipstick on the pig. Taxing millionaires is always popular, but this one just doesn’t make sense.
Recommendation – NO


Vote ​​YES​​ or ​​NO​

REFERENDUM ON 2020 LAW THAT WOULD PROHIBIT THE RETAIL SALE OF CERTAIN FLAVORED TOBACCO PRODUCTS.​​ A “Yes” vote approves, and a “No” vote rejects, a 2020 law prohibiting retail sale of certain flavored tobacco products.

The state legislature passed legislation banning flavored tobacco, which has long been used to hook kids. The tobacco companies circulated petitions to overturn the ban, and that is why this measure is on the ballot. Voting yes upholds the ban. I expect this one to pass easily. The tobacco companies have failed consistently at the polls because most people see right through them. With flavored vaping, they have done a great job hooking the next generation. Did you know tobacco companies have been buying into vaping companies? They are good at making money.
Recommendation – YES

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